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Service & maintenance

Can I buy a Service Plan?

Yes, you can spread the cost of your servicing with us by taking out one of our specialised service plans. To find out more about our service plans click here.

Can I have my Opel serviced by an independent motor trader (IMT)?

This decision is yours, but please remember Opel won't accept warranty claims arising from non-genuine Opel parts being fitted or problems caused by faulty workmanship.
An Independent Motor Trader needs to use the right grade of oil and stamp your vehicle’s service book. All Opel part numbers and the oil grade used should also be clearly printed on your invoice.
For peace of mind, book a service with us.

I have an older vehicle, can I still get it serviced with Opel?

Yes - we offer convenient Fixed Price services for vehicles of all ages, with no hidden costs. To find out more click here.

I've just bought a Opel. How can I check its Service history?

Your Opel should have come with a service booklet that contains these details. If you can't find the booklet, please go back to the seller and ask them.
If you know your vehicle was serviced at an authorised Opel Retailer they may be able to find its records. You'll need to prove you own the vehicle.

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My vehicle is in a retailer having work carried out. Can I have it serviced at the same time?

Just discuss with your retailer any further requirements you have and they will do their best to accommodate you.

What work is carried out during a Opel car Service?

We offer 3 levels of servicing for Opel cars. Interim Service, the Main Service and Major Service:
•    An Interim Service (which is the vehicle's 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th) Consists of an oil and filter change, fluid-level checks (anti-freeze/coolant, brake/clutch fluid, power-steering fluid - if applicable - and screen wash top-up), a visual leak check, tyre pressure check and adjustment if needed, wash-wipe system check and adjust, lighting check, brake check, suspension check and a road test, as well as a many other checks. You'll normally receive a copy of the checklist that was filled out during the service.
•    The Main Service (the vehicle’s 2nd, 6th, 10th) as per interim service plus replace battery in key fob, pollen filter, diesel fuel filter (if required) and brake fluid.  Drive-belt, exhaust line and bonnet catch inspection. Headlamp alignment, parking brake check and adjust.
•    The Major Service (the vehicles 4th, 8th, and 12th service) as per main service plus replace the petrol fuel filter, spark plugs and air filter.
Further checks are recommended over different distances or time periods. These include a timing-belt check, fuel-filter change (depending on the engine), brake-fluid change and spark-plug replacement (petrol vehicles only). These items normally involve extra cost.

Why should I get my vehicle serviced with Opel?

Our fully trained Opel experts will keep your Opel in tip top condition.
Having your Opel serviced with us guarantees that you vehicle will receive a fully comprehensive 360 degree check.
Our transparent approach to servicing keeps you informed of what’s going on, in a way that suits you, with no hidden costs.
For more information about the services we offer click here.

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