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Vehicle information

Can I buy a Service Plan?

Yes, you can spread the cost of your servicing with us by taking out one of our specialised service plans. To find out more about our service plans click here.

Does my car come with a spare wheel or tyre inflation kit?

Some Opels come with a spare wheel as standard. Where this is the case, the spare wheel will be located beneath the bootspace. If your vehicle doesn’t have a spare, it will have a tyre inflation kit which can be used to quickly restore mobility in the event of a puncture. (Some drivers prefer carrying a kit to a spare wheel, as it frees up boot space while helping to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.) For added peace of mind, we do offer a spare wheel as a low-cost option for most models or as a dealer accessory. Again your local Retailer will be pleased to help. 

Has my vehicle been modified?

Our retailers only keep records of vehicle specifications from when the vehicle was built. If the vehicle has been modified since then, you will need to contact the seller.

How can I find out my radio code?

Please contact your Retailer. The radio security code is there to prevent the unit being used if stolen, so please have your registration documents at hand to prove you're the owner.
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How can I get a Certificate of Conformity (CoC)?

Please send your request to and our specialists will handle your request.

How do I clean my diesel particulate filter? (the filter light has illuminated)

The diesel particulate filter system in your Opel filters harmful soot particles out of exhaust gases. It includes a self-cleaning function that runs automatically during driving when the filter needs cleaning. This can take up to 25 minutes and fuel consumption may be higher during this time. You may also notice an emission of odours and smoke and an increase in heat, which is a normal part of the process.
The control indicator ('!') will flash if the diesel particulate filter needs cleaning and your previous journey hasn’t enabled automatic cleaning. If this happens, just carry on driving, keeping your engine speed above 2,000 revolutions per minute and shifting down if necessary. The filter-cleaning process will start - and we recommend you don't stop the journey or switch off the engine until it's finished.
If the cleaning process is repeatedly interrupted:
1.    Your engine may be damaged. Cleaning takes the shortest amount of time at high engine speeds and loads, and the control indicator light ('!') will turn off as soon as self-cleaning is complete.
2.    Diesel fuel will pass into the sump and you'll notice a higher oil level when you check it. (This is one reason to check your oil level regularly.) For short journeys, please check more often and, if you find your oil level has increased, change the oil.
For more about the diesel particulate filter, please refer to your Owners’ Manual.

How do I extend my Opel roadside assistance?

Please call us on 0800 197 2049. We'll be happy to help.

How do I get a new key for my Opel?

Please contact your Retailer. Once you've provided proof of ownership, they'll order a replacement key from our parts team. They will confirm the cost when you order.
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How will I know if my vehicle is affected by a safety recall?

We'll send a series of letters to the registered keeper of the vehicle, asking that the repair work is completed as quickly as possible. If you still have concerns, your local Opel Retailer will be happy to help.
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I need documentation to export my vehicle. How do I apply?

If you're the vehicle owner or registered keeper, please email regdata@Opel.xx. Your Retailer can do this for you, if you prefer. Please note that there's a £96 charge for the European Certificate of Conformity.

I'm not happy with my Opel retailer's level of Service. What should I do?

We always aim to provide excellent customer service, so we're very sorry to hear you're dissatisfied. Please follow these steps to help us sort things out.
1.    Make an appointment to discuss the issue with either the Sales or Service Manager.
2.    If you're still unhappy with the service you receive, or the action proposed to correct the problem, please contact our Customer Assistance Centre, who will be happy to help.

I've lost my owner's manual / Service booklet. How can I get a new one?

You can buy a replacement owner’s manual from your local Opel Retailer.
Service booklets are vehicle-specific, so you'll need to provide vehicle registration documents and a driver's licence in order for your Retailer to order a replacement.
Alternatively, you can provide your Retailer with named invoices for services carried out on your Opel.

My engine warning light is on. What should I do?

We can't diagnose vehicle faults without a physical inspection, so please get in touch with your local Retailer, who'll be happy to book in your Opel for inspection

My radio is locked. How can I get it out of safe mode?

You'll need to enter your radio's security code, as described in your infotainment manual. This code can be found on the car pass you received when you bought your Opel.
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What are my correct tyre pressures?

You'll find this info in the technical data section of your owners’ manual. In some vehicles, it's also on the Tyre and Loading label, which is on the front door pillar.
First, check the sidewall of your tyre for a code in this format: 195/55 R 16 95 H. Then consult the technical section of your owners' manual for the right pressure.

What cover do I get with my roadside assistance?

If your vehicle breaks down at home, we will bring our roadside assistance service to your doorstep. If your vehicle can’t be repaired, the RAC will transport your vehicle to the nearest Opel Authorised Repairer or another destination of your choice.

If we are unable to repair your vehicle at the roadside, we'll take you, up to 8 passengers and your vehicle to any single mainland UK destination. If you’re towing a caravan or trailer, this can also be recovered (subject to certain weight and size restrictions).

What does 'VIN' mean?

VIN stands for vehicle identification number. The VIN, sometimes called the chassis number, identifies a specific vehicle.

What is the euro emissions standard on my car?

To find out, please call our Customer Assistance Centre on 0800 026 0034 or visit our Customer Care page
We'll need to know your Opel's registration number.

What is the recommended oil grade for my vehicle?

You'll find details of the correct engine oil grade in the Vehicle Maintenance and Technical Data sections of your owner's manual. Please see the example below.
This topic starts at the Recommended Fluid section (Important General Information).

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